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Robby's Links to Various Places

Links of General Interest for Slackers

The Slackware Book - this is the official Slackware book; required reading for all new Slackware users (and a good refresher for the more experienced among us) :).

The Slackware Wiki (unofficial) - this is a good source of documentation, tutorials, and other related information about Slackware.

SlackBasics - this is an unofficial but very good book written primarily by Daniel de Kok.

The Slack World - the Slack World is a website dedicated to providing information and entertainment related to Slackware.

alt.os.linux.slackware - Usenet group for Slackware - be sure to read the FAQ, as it covers more than just A.O.L.S. topics.

Slackware Init Explained - this is good overview of Slackware's init, including why it's referred to as "BSD style" while still actually *being* SysV init.

AlphaGeek - alphageek (see #slackware on the oftc IRC network) maintains an unofficial mirror list (as well as a few other things) on his site.

Linux LEO - LinuxLEO is a "Linux for Law Enforcement Officers" site focusing on usage of linux in computer forensics. Among other things, the site offers an introduction to forensics document which uses Slackware as its base. Thanks to Barry Grundy for his excellent work there.

Other Useful Stuff

My HOWTO Page - Just in case you didn't already see it... - the Filesystem Heirarchy Standard (FHS)- good resource. - the official registry of allocated device numbers and /dev directory nodes for Linux. Note that this document is considered to be unmaintained and thus is likely deprecated in some places.

Mirror of - This has a good explanation of why the file exists and how it {is, can be} useful. - Daniel Drake's excellent work on how to write udev rules. This is included with the udev source tarballs (and in /usr/doc/udev-$VERSION on Slackware systems), but the newest version is always available on his site.

Netfilter/iptables Documentation - this is the documentation provided by the netfilter / iptables project. If you're looking for an introductory tutorial, see Oskar Andreasson's tutorial.

Beginner Guide to UNIX

Guide to Using SSH

Screen and IRSSI

Slackers' and Other Random Sites - Birmingham, Alabama Area Linux User Group and - Eric Hameleers is a frequent contributor to Slackware. - Roberto Batista (aka PiterPunk) is a regular contributor to Slackware and the author of slackpkg." - Personal site and blog of Vincent Batts, a BALU member and all around great guy! - In addition to being a pretty nice guy, Chess Griffin runs Linux Reality and contributes a good script to every now and then... ;-) - Matt Hayes (aka Dominian) - flambers (one of many Brazilian Slackers, and an all-around great guy) - David Cortarello (aka Nomius) - Michael Beuker's home page. - FriedBob's personal site - Thomas York (aka straterra) - Jeremy Flint's "Red Hot and Daily" blog; Jeremy is originally from my hometown (Meridian, Mississippi), and his blog name is a tribute of sorts to the old "Red Hot" truck stop.

Thanks to TekLinks in Birmingham, AL, for providing colocation and bandwidth.

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