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* re -current vs -stable * re slackpkg vs slackpkg+
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likely to receive quality assistance if they heed the following
<br /> <br />
- <ol>
+ <ul>
<li>When asking a question, be prepared to show evidence that
you've researched it on your own. We like to help, but we
don't want to do it for you.
@@ -108,7 +108,32 @@
Linux system interact in addition to solving your problem.
<br /> <br />
- </ol>
+ <li>Be sure to specify what version of Slackware you're running
+ along with any local customizations you've done. It's also
+ useful to know if the problem is new, i.e. did this work
+ before? If so, what's changed since then?
+ <br /> <br />
+ <ul>
+ <li>Slackware -current is <strong>NOT</strong> the
+ same thing as the latest stable release, e.g.
+ 14.2. Along the same lines, there is no such
+ thing as "Slackware 14.2 -current" or "Slackware
+ ## -current"; either you're running a stable
+ release plus patches or you're running -current,
+ unless of course you're running some FrankenSlack,
+ in which case you're on your own.
+ <br /> <br />
+ </li>
+ <li><tt>slackpkg</tt> and <tt>slackpkg+</tt> are
+ <strong>NOT</strong> the same thing. Make sure
+ you mention which one you're using if you're
+ having problems with "slackpkg" and you're
+ actually using <tt>slackpkg+</tt>.
+ <br /> <br />
+ </li>
+ </ul>
+ </li>
+ </ul>
<li><tt>##slackware</tt> exists for Slackers to share their knowledge about
Slackware Linux and topics related to Slackware (e.g. system